About Us


Nitakula was founded to introduce the concept of Entrepreneurship in areas on economic hardship.

Our project is starting in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya. Kibera is the largest urban slum in Africa housing approximately 1 million people on 2.5 square kilometers. The majority of the population is unemployed and the basic requirements such as clean water , electricity , sanitation and proper housing are scarce. What is not scarce are creative hard working people who are seeking an opportunity to make a better life for their families and the community.

By partnering with artisans and small workshops within the community who currently depend on tourism as a means to sell product Nitakula will offer support in the areas of design, marketing, business planning and distribution on an international level through our e commerce website.

With the growth of business comes job opportunities. With the help of our artisans we will offer apprenticeship programs in both the manufacturing and the business planning areas.

By working as a team, sharing ideas, teaching skills and fostering a sense of pride in the workmanship of the product we make and a mutual respect for the workers who make it,  the idea of a sustainable business, a secure future, a safe place to live, an education for the children and food on the table will become a reality rather then an unobtainable dream.

Nitakula, I will eat, together we will prosper.

Every product you purchase will positively impact the lives of our Artisan partners and their families.